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Total commitment
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Positive impact
Destination Green and Charity in Motion

 Download Sustainability Report 2014 (PDF)

CSR: Making the difference

Corporate Social Responsibility is at the core of our organization's culture

We are a values-based business

Our values underpin everything we do.

Our responsibility to our clients, our colleagues and our local communities is shared by every employee in our organization through our code of conduct.

Customers deserve total commitment

We value quality highly, and we’ve built a strong reputation for it. We use our QUEST program to give you the opportunity to tell us how we’re doing.

In addition to values, we also have rules.

Safety is our first concern and everyone makes it a priority across our global operations.

All Crown operations worldwide also adhere to our binding corporate rules of data privacy and data protection.

How can you be a global company and not embrace the world?

As a truly global company, we embrace the best the world has to offer.

As an equal opportunity employer, we promote international and local market hiring to achieve a rich diversity across our organization.

We encourage all new staff to represent and promote our core values both internally and to the outside world.

A healthy work-life balance is equally important. We actively promote measures to make sure employees and their families maintain equilibrium in their lives.

We want to grow, but only if everyone wins

We know exactly how much our business impacts the environment. With ISO 14001, we measure how efficiently we’re using natural resources. By investing in energy-saving buildings and vehicles, and by educating our supply chain, we’re working hard to reduce our impact and give you a cleaner option.

A big effort to have a positive impact in society

Crown teams around the world work with local schools, health initiatives and charities to make each of our cities stronger as we grow.

Together, we’ve built schools and libraries to support local and disadvantaged youth. We also partner to provide HIV and AIDS peer education. Our principal charity in the United States is Move for Hunger. All Crown offices collect food from customers and employees alike on a weekly basis and donate it to local food banks. Last year alone, our teams in the United States collected 16,000 lbs. of food, which provided over 13,000 meals for families in need.
Crown’s people are central to this effort, finding innovative ways to support local issues. By giving everyone time and incentives for activities and business practices that create this shared value, we’re all helping to improve things for others.

And we invite our customers and service partners to join in.

Read more about our Corporate Social Responsibility programs

 Download Destination Green and Charity in Motion (PDF) 


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