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Relocation support for employees and family

A life-learning experience

Changing schools and adapting to a new curriculum can have a big impact on a child’s development. So it’s a question of finding the right educational experience for them.

Education assistance

If their children are happy, your employees are happier. And there’s nothing more likely to influence a child's happiness than a great experience at school.

Our consultants can offer local advice on schooling for every age, including day care and pre-schools.

Take a look at the possibilities before you go abroad

Most major destinations provide a good mix of schools, international, private and public. But experiences vary—as do fees.

So we help employees to easily compare each school’s curriculum, entrance requirements and application procedures. This gives a flavor for each establishment and the options that are available to really help focus on their selection.

In consultation with you, Crown will verify availability of school places. We can also arrange for school visits and accompany families where necessary. We help coordinate the admissions process, acting as go-between and keeping everyone informed of the application's status.

Making the right connections

Education has long been a priority at Crown. Through our commitment to communities we support schools around the world as well as internship programs.

Crown Intercultural Services

Participants of Crown’s international cultural programs find assignments extremely rewarding and are more likely to be successful, both personally and professionally.

The confidence gained from learning how to communicate, and the satisfaction of integrating into the local culture, ensure a positive foreign experience and better performance.

Global Passport also covers repatriation—often more challenging—and ensures you maximize the investment and learning for the assignment.

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Executive coaching, one-to-one

Our programs are tailored to the specific challenges faced by executives, identifying specific needs and issues and building an action plan for further cultural and professional development. Ongoing coaching is available to cover a host of business issues and leadership skills.

From communication to understanding

A “restaurant menu” knowledge of a country’s language and phrase book will only get you so far. Communication styles and behaviors in business are more complex and harder to master.

Global Passport recognizes the need to support an entire relocating family as their challenges and concerns could make the difference between an assignment's success and failure. Specific language and cultural training can help the whole family adapt successfully to the new location.

Language training

Crown understands how difficult it can be for assignees to adapt to what may be a very different environment, especially when they’re not fluent in the language.

Improved fluency gives assignees confidence in both business and social situations. Language training also enables employees and their families to productively engage people they meet.

Our language training teaches speaking, listening, reading and writing skills, including technical terminology if needed.

Crown Partner Support—partner assistance in the new location

Partner or family unhappiness is one of the major reasons for assignment failure. The Global Career assistance program guides and advises spouses on options for their career. For those who are not working, or for working partners unable to find a job internationally due to visa restrictions or other issues, the program can help them to establish new support systems, and explore the possibility of voluntary work or training.

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