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Relocating should be a rewarding experience. Whether it’s just you, or your whole family, having a professional company onside makes everyone’s move a success.

Crown Relocations started the Bangladesh operations in 2017 at Dhaka and is one of the most renowned international moving company in the country. With strong customer focus and a dedicated workforce, Crown Bangladesh ensures your relocation experience is hassle free, smooth and relaxed at every stage of your journey.

With experienced and knowledgeable people in Bangladesh and in more than 60 countries we equip you well for your relocation:

  • We’ll help you get to know the destination well before you go
  • Show you how to make it easier and more exciting for children, and less stressful for pets
  • We’ll look after your belongings with expert packing and transport
  • When you arrive, we can help you get settled quicker and enjoy the thrill of a new place or a different culture.

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